Partnering with Youth & Community


Leadership & Mentorship Training


From meetings to community service projects, wilderness activities to social activities; older youth acquire skills to confidently  engage as leaders in the group, at school and in their community.  


True leadership skills are life skills. To successfully lead others, you need to know how to "lead" yourself.  Leadership is an interactive process, not a position; it needs to be modeled, learned and practiced face-to-face. PYC's leadership training provides a co-ed, supervised environment that encourages youth to take responsibility in this process, be inspired to grow, and share their strengths, gifts, talents, and skills.   It is through the leadership experience that our youth develop confidence and resiliency.  These individuals naturally transition to mentors and are able to enhance their lives and the lives of



We are proud to have our youth leaders serve as mentors within our organization, as well as, those that have gone on to serve and positively impact the greater community.  

Partnering with Youth and Community


PYC youth are given a safe, supportive environment to learn and develop leadership skills.