Partnering with Youth & Community


The initial spark came from a group of 12 local families who met one evening in 2005 and spoke of a desire to have a community center: a place outside the scholastic environment where children could express themselves, build friendships, and explore their world.  Although Palisades did not have a community center, this group found a way to begin a  community youth program that has continued to evolve and thrive and welcomes members from all communities. 

PYC is a co-ed, multi-aged youth group that spends time at monthly meetings participating in activities, projects, and leadership development.  In addition to monthly meetings, members are actively involved in community service, field trips, and wilderness experiences. 

Although the core of PYC is about the positive development of youth; the collective efforts, energy, and adult presence are vital to our mission.   It is the strength of our youth-adult partnerships that enriches family and community. 


Well, we think there's a lot!  We have been known as Palisades Youth Crew since the beginning.  However, our amazing group has grown and evolved into so much more and we wanted our name to reflect that.  Our reach extends far beyond Palisades - including our membership, community partners and community service projects.  PYC parents and our partnerships with other members of our local and global communities play foundational roles in guiding our youth and providing them with the skills and opportunities to make a positive difference in themselves, their community and beyond.

PYC is a non-affiliated 501 (c) 3 organization that partners youth and their families with local and global communities through leadership, mentorship, and citizenship.

We have an amazing Board of Directors and supporting adults whose visions have been essential to the success and continuity of the program.

President: Lou Gentner
Vice President: Grant Hooper
Treasurer: Mitch Sherman
Secretary/Membership: Lisa Gabriel
Legal: Alexander Radus

Co-Executive Directors: Elizabeth Cruickshank and Lynne DeAngelis
Event Managers: Lisa Gabriel and Kathy Gentner
Communications and Marketing: Joy Scott

(created by youth members)